Rabbi Pinchas Doron Spalter

Rabbi Rabbi Pinchas Doron SpalterPinchas Doron-Spalter (right) and his brother, Shmuel Spalter, learning together in Jerusalem. The two brothers survived the Holocaust as Orphan refugees.

The story is told in the biography of Rabbi Pinchas in the Sefer of Pilulei Pinchas, Shabbat (in Hebrew)

Rabbi Professor Dr Doron served as Professor of Hebraic/Jewish Studies at City University of New York for many years.

Please find more information on Pilulei Pinchas and Pilulei Pinchas Shabbat here. Hashkamot at right and on link page.


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Written by Rabbi Professor Pinchas Doron-Spalter, veteran educator from City University of New York
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