RashiBeur setumot be-Rashi : perush meḳomot muḳshim u-setumim be-Ferush Rashi al ha-Torah
By:  Rabbi Pinchas Doron
רב פינחס דורון:
ביאור סתומות ברש״י : פרוש מקומות מוקשים וסתומים בפירוש רש״י על התורה  
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The Mystery of Creation According to Rashi

Rashi CreationAn Original Translation and Interpretation of Rashi on Genesis by Dr. Pinchas Doron. Dr. Doron ventures into a number of hitherto unexplored fields in the explanation of Rashi. The author's objectives are accomplished in several stages.   The entirely new translation of the biblical verses reflects Rashi's comments on the verses. The text of Rashi is translated into simple, lucid English. It is followed by the Companion which serves as a super-commentary. It presents all the questions and problems arising from a simple reading of the Hebrew, which Rashi's comments are designed to answer. The Companion develops in detail the religious, philosophical, and ethical ideas and  ideals that are stated by Rashi very briefly, or are only hinted at. Publisher: Moznaim, 1982 This work does not require any knowledge of Hebrew.(154 Pages)  Approbations:  Rabbi Moshe Feinstein From Amazon.Com


Rashis Torah CommentaryRashi’s Torah Commentary
Clear discussion on difficult- to- understand passages of Rashi’s commentary on the Torah.  No understanding of the Hebrew language necessary.
If you would like to read Beur Stumot BeRashi but cannot read Hebrew, this is a workable alternative.  Based on the series in Hebrew, this book is full of fresh insights and original interpretations.  Rabbi Doron jokingly claims to be the 201st commentator on Rashi.
"Pinchas Doron does not really need my approbation, since the great scholars of this generation already approve of his holy work. I come merely to add my blessing that his thoughts may find wide acceptance and that the multitude should benefit from this."—Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky

"The honorable author R. Pinchas Doron is a rare person and Torah scholar who expended great labors to interpret difficult passages in Rashi's commentary on the Chumash. He showed me examples of his supercommentary. He also has an approbation from the great Gaon, the Teacher of Israel, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein. Hence he surely does not need my approbation. I only come to strengthen his hands to publish his book for the benefit of those who learn Chumash with the commentary of the holy Rashi, that they should be scrupulous with every single of his words, so as to understand his profound meanings—for all Rashi's words are 'holy of holies' above."—Rabbi Shimon Schwab From Roman Littlefield


Rashis Torah CommentaryThe War On Truth
To order:  Call 9722 6540294 or e-mail: drviv@netvision.net.il
or fax: 9722-6510186 with your order or request that we contact you- so please include your contact information.

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