A Digest of Talmudic Concepts for Everyone

The Talmud, which includes the Mishna and Gemara, is a fascinating collection of texts incorporating many subjects about Jewish Living.  Now English Speakers need not be deterred:

Major Concepts in the Talmud*Find topics easily using the index
*An essential addition to your collection of Jewish books
*Summarizes important topics in Jewish living and Jewish Law
*A Sefer that reports clearly and concisely, important issues debated in discussions found in the Talmud
*Useful for students, teachers and people who want to know more or to prepare speeches or lectures
*Expands understanding of Legal debates in Judaism
*Useful references for source materials and further learning for academics, yeshiva and other students of the Talmud
*Gift it to your school or synagogue library
*Great Bar/Bas Mitzvah gift for a serious young person
A Digest of Talmudic Topics for Everyone is here!

Written by Rabbi Professor Pinchas Doron-Spalter, veteran educator from City University of New York
Would you like to learn Talmud in plain English, without grinding your teeth, pulling out your hair, or feeling stupid?  Now you can easily understand discussions in the Talmud
From Targum

A Digest of Talmudic Topics for Everyone is here!

Approbations/Haskammot by:
1)Grand Rabbi Levi Y. Horowitz, The Bostoner Rebbe
2)Rabbi Dr. Sholom Gold (Kehilot Zichron Yosef Har Nof)
3)Professor Lawrence H. Schiffman
4)Rabbi Yisrael Herczeg, Translator of The ArtScroll Rashi

C:\Documents and Settings\Dr Viv\My Documents\My Pictures\website jlc\majorconceptsn.jpgRabbi Doron-Spalter spent many years compiling this summarized translation so that every Jew could read the Talmudic topics with understanding.  A survivor of the Holocaust, Rabbi Doron-Spalter learned in Schneider’s Yeshiva in Britain, and then spent several years in Kibbutz Lavi and the IDF, followed by Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  He migrated for some time to the USA, graduated his PhD at New York University, and served as Professor of Jewish Studies in City University of New York.  After he retired, he returned to Israel, and now lives in Jerusalem once more.

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Approbations (Haskamot)
About Hashkamot
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Please note that the above Hashkamot are for Major Concepts in the Talmud. Haskamot for each title appears on the page for the book.



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